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How to Become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner in South Carolina - SC

The job of a neonatal nurse runs the gamut of routine healthy newborn care to continual monitoring of infants who are premature or seriously ill. The demand for neonatal nurse practitioners has increased significantly through the years, as advances in health care have helped more women to become pregnant and carry their pregnancies further. In addition, because of the prevalence of artificial insemination, the rate of multiple births has increased. Multiple births are inherently high risk because of the numerous potential complications.

According to, South Carolina ranks 4th in the nation for percentage of infants born with a low birth weight. This statistic alone proves the need for neonatal nurse practitioners in South Carolina. Another noteworthy statistic from is that South Carolina falls 19th in the nation for twin births.

There are three specialty areas for neonatal nurse practitioner career paths. Level I nurses typically oversee babies in healthy nurseries. These are infants who are at low risk for complications and are expected to be discharged within a normal timeframe.

Level II neonatal nurse practitioners take on infants who require more care than those in a Level I nursery. These infants may have minor complications that they are expected to improve rapidly.

Finally, Level III neonatal nurse practitioners oversee the continual observation of newborns at the highest risk level. These nurses are highly trained in all aspects of life support machines and techniques.

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