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How to Become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner in West Virginia - WV

Mothers in West Virginia experience a greater number of preterm births than the nationwide average, according to A little over 13% of all births in West Virginia are classified as being preterm, or born before 37 weeks of pregnancy has passed. Having this many neonates potentially in distress magnifies the need for more health care professionals to consider neonatal nurse practitioner careers in West Virginia. The neonatal job description in West Virginia puts neonatal nurse practitioners in contact with preterm infants in addition to both well and sick babies less than one month of age.

Registered nurses who are considering a career as neonatal nurse practitioners in West Virginia and already have a bachelor’s degree must return to school to get a master’s degree or a doctorate. Alternatively, registered nurses who already possess a master of science in nursing may pursue a post-master of science in nursing certificate specific to neonatology.

Once graduated, the national certification examination of the National Certification Corporation must be taken and passed. Only then may a neonatal nurse practitioner candidate apply for Advance Practice licensure with the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses. This is called an Application for Announcement of Advanced Practice in the state. Advanced Practice status is also necessary in order to obtain prescriptive authority in West Virginia (that is, the ability to write prescriptions for patients that are filled by a third party).

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