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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program in District of Columbia - Washington, DC

Neonatal nurse practitioner programs in the District of Columbia are eligible for NNP certification as long as they are approved by the District of Columbia’s board of nursing and by the National Certification Corporation. There are six schools offering professional, graduate-level nursing courses in the District of Columbia area that meet these qualifications. However, there are many other online programs that also fulfill the board’s requirements.

Any neonatal nurse practitioner student, regardless of the program chosen, will find a balance between classroom, didactic courses and out-of-classroom, experiential learning. Courses that NNP students take will prepare them to perform the duties expected in the position, chiefly concerning managing sick newborns and communicating with their families.  They will be trained to use independent judgment in assessing, diagnosing, treating and evaluating neonates.

Experiential learning will take place in nearby participating medical institutions. Some examples of institutions that house NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) and might participate in clinical training exercises include George Washington University Medical Center, Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University Hospital, Children’s National Medical Center, Sibley Hospital and Howard University Hospital.

Upon graduation, of course, job opportunities exist not only in NICUs within these hospitals and others, but also in private and group practice situations and in outpatient and community follow-up clinics.

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