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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program in New Jersey - NJ

In the Garden State, all nurse practitioners must be certified by the state as an advanced practice nurse, or APN, C (often called “APRN�? in other states).  All APN’s must hold both an RN and APN license, and thus can refer to themselves as “RN, APN, C,�? provided the individual holds the correct licenses for the state. New Jersey certifies nurse practitioners in seventeen specialties; neonatology is among these.

The neonatal nurse practitioner license program in New Jersey requires several elements.  In order to receive your official APN, C license you must have proof of a good-standing and current New Jersey RN license, a completed application (with fee), official transcripts to prove education as a nurse practitioner, and proof of passing the national Advanced Practice Nurse Examination in your specialty (in this case, neonatology). 

The Garden state requires out of state license applicants to provide proof of status for licensure and certification held in other states; whether it is in good standing or expired.

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