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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program in New Mexico - NM

Rather than referring to nurse practitioners as APRNs (advanced practice registered nurse), as most states do, New Mexico instead uses CNP, or certified nurse practitioner.  The neonatal nurse practitioner license program in New Mexico involves certain steps.  In order to obtain a CNP license in the land of Enchantment, you have to meet certain qualifications.  You must have a current RN (registered nursing) license, and you must have completed a formal education in an accredited program for nurse practitioners.  This degree must be at least a master’s degree, unless you were licensed in the state of New Mexico before January 1, 2001. 

New Mexico is very specific about requirements for the program.  In order to qualify, the program has to involve at least one year of full-time study, with approximately one third of it being didactic (including 24 hours minimum of pharmacology) and two-thirds being spent in preceptorship.  In addition, to qualify for a state CNP license in New Mexico, you must be nationally certified as a nurse practitioner.  Licensed CNPs may also prescribe and distribute prescription medication if they have a current controlled substances DEA registration.

The state of New Mexico does not have any in-state neonatal nurse practitioner specialty programs, but several online universities offer the degree.  Students should take care to ensure that the program of their choice satisfies the New Mexico State Nursing Board qualifications, listed above, to ensure approval of licensure once the degree is earned.

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