Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Programs in New York - NY | Certification | Education

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program in New York - NY

The licensure program for neonatal nurse practitioners in New York is slightly different than in other states.  In order to practice and refer to yourself as a nurse practitioner, you must be certified as such by the state.  Unlike other states that typically issue separate licenses for nurse practitioners, New York instead requires all nurse practitioners to have a state registered nursing (RN) license and then have a certificate in their specialty issued by the state.  New York does allow you to be certified as a nurse practitioner in more than one specialty, in the event you would like to practice pediatrics or family medicine in addition to neonatology.

In order to qualify for certification, you must have a current New York RN license, and submit proof of education as a nurse practitioner in neonatology.  However, unlike most states that require both proof of degree and national certification, New York’s Board of Nursing will accept one or the other before issuing state-specific certification. 

Compared to other states, the qualifications for obtaining the NP certificate and credential in more streamlined in New York.

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