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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program in Ohio - OH

Neonatal nurse practitioner programs in Ohio are offered at the master’s and post-master’s level. Provided you have licensure as a registered nurse, you can study to become a neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP) in the cities of Cleveland or Columbus, or even online.

Yours will be a critically important job since infant wellness in Ohio is not quite where it should be. The infant mortality rate is higher in Ohio than in many states accross the nation. It is 7.9 per thousand for the population as a whole. However, the percent of pre-term births in Ohio did go down 18% in between 1990 - 2003. On the surface that sounds good, and yet it’s less progress than in many other states. In fact, on this particular statistic, the state ranks 32nd in the nation. It is hardly the fault of Ohio’s neonatal practitioners, who have the job of nurturing these infants after birth; neonatal workers, though, can play a part in putting things back on track for little ones in Ohio’s cities.

Like other nurse practitioners, NNPs have a high level education. Their coursework trains them to understand the advance practitioner role in context and to evaluate the health needs of both pre-term and full-term infants.
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