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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program in Rhode Island - RI

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) highly recommends that individuals possess significant experience within an NICU setting prior to entering into neonatal nurse practitioner programs in Rhode Island and throughout the US. According to NANN, the scope and complex nature of neonatal care is such that general family or pediatric practice experience doesn’t provide adequate training.  Therefore, it is recommended that individuals not only hold an RN license and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, but also have at least one year of training in an NICU setting.

Rhode Island neonatal nurse practitioner programs involve extensive coursework that is applied to true and inimitable clinical training. Students work toward a Master of Science in Nursing or doctorate with a Nurse Practitioner concentration. They further select a neonatal nurse practitioner specialty to focus their studies and training.

Following the completion of an MSN program, individuals embark on an application process that involves national certification, state certification, as well as licensure within the neonatal specialty.

After graduation and licensure had been achieved, Rhode Island neonatal nurse practitioners aren’t finished with schooling. According to the Rhode Island Board of Nursing, continuing education is required. Currently, this is a total of ten continuing education hours that must be proven every two years, at license renewal. 

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