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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program in South Dakota - SD

The neonatal nurse practitioner career is unlike most nursing occupations. Newborns, and particularly high risk newborns, require significant, constant care. In addition, caring for these tiny babies requires precise attention to even the smallest of details. Because of this fact, the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) fervently recommends that registered nurses hold a significant amount of experience within a NICU setting even before entering into a neonatal nurse practitioner program in South Dakota. In their experienced opinion, nurses should have a minimum of one year of NICU experience before beginning advanced schooling.

Prior to acceptance in South Dakota’s neonatal nurse practitioner programs, individuals should hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Additionally, they should hold registered nurse certification both nationally and for the state of South Dakota. The education needed to become a neonatal nurse practitioner in South Dakota involves enrollment in a Master of Science in Nursing or doctorate program and selecting the nurse practitioner tract. Additionally, students designate their specialty area, in this case, neonatal care.

After successful completion of coursework that includes both clinical and classroom training, MSN graduates embark on the application process to become a certified neonatal nurse practitioner. This is done through the South Dakota Board of Nursing and involves several steps including, paying application fees, obtaining necessary transcripts, and filling out several different forms. These forms must all be read thoroughly before submitting to avoid delays in certification.

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