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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program in Texas - TX

In Texas neonatal nurse practitioner programs online provide education and partner with area facilities to provide clinical training mandated by the Texas Board of Nursing. Education for neonatal nurse practitioners planning to practice in Texas must meet strict guidelines. First, the program must be beyond a bachelor degree level (RN to BSN programs do not count when seeking advanced practice licensing in Texas). Programs must be accredited by the Texas Board of Nursing and earn the recipient a master’s degree or higher. In addition, a nurse practitioner program must include at least nine semester credit hours in one’s clinical specialty (in this case, neonatal).

Other course requirements set forth by the Texas Board of nursing for aspiring neonatal nurse practitioners includes taking separate courses dedicated solely to pharmacotherapeutics, advanced assessment and pathophysiology and/or psychopathology, theoretical preparation and clinical preparation. A practicum of at least 500 hours within the neonatal nurse practitioner specialty must also be fulfilled, and is usually completed within medical facilities in Texas. Some possibilities for clinical practicums include Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Plano and Denton; Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Katy and Beaumont; CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio and Baylor Medical Centers in Dallas, Houston and Frisco. After schooling, you are prepared to take the national certification exam for Neonatal Nurse Practitioners offered by the National Certification Corporation.

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