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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Connecticut - CT

Neonatal nurse practitioners must complete additional credits of graduate education and clinical training, and their salaries reflect this extra preparation. According to, the median neonatal nurse practitioner salary in Connecticut is $101,000 per year, a figure that is 4% higher than average neonatal nurse practitioners salaries nationwide. Pay for neonatal nurse practitioners tends to be greater than other categories of nurse practitioners, perhaps because of the fragility of the lives that are in their hands on a daily basis.

Salaries for neonatal nurse practitioners in Connecticut are not static, of course, but rather, are fluid and dependent upon many factors. Some of these include years of experience, degree attained, and area of the state where one works. The following are some examples of salaries of most neonatal nurse practitioners working in various areas of Connecticut, per

  • Hartford:  $89,000
  • Bridgeport:  $96,000
  • Stamford:  $117,000
  • New Haven:  $86,000
  • Bristol:  $89,000
  • Danbury:  $101,000
  • Fairfield:  $95,000
  • Manchester:  $90,000
  • Meriden:  $87,000
  • Milford:  $88,000
  • New Britain:  $89,000
  • Norwalk:  $97,000
  • Waterbury:  $89,000

Of course, one must also take into account the benefits that employers of neonatal nurse practitioners typically offer their employees in Connecticut. These include paid vacation and sick leave, paid holidays, health and or/ life insurance, company-contributed 401k or 403b plans, and company-paid continuing education opportunities.

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