Neonatal Nurse Salary in Georgia - GA

Neonatal Nurse Salary in Georgia - GA

The typical neonatal nurse practitioner salary in Georgia is $80,414 yearly. As recently as 2005, the National Salary Survey of Nurse Practitioners revealed an average national salary of $74,812, which represented an estimated hourly pay of $36.80. According to this survey, practitioners in Georgia earned roughly 7% more than their counterparts nationally.

Statistically, about 13,975 of all babies born statewide in 2008 were born at low birth weights, which accounted for nearly 4% of all low birth weight babies born that year in the United States. Recent studies have indicated that career opportunities are likely to increase for neonatal nurse practitioners over the next several years, and statistics like these are likely contributing to that trend.

It is also important to understand that facility type as well as level of care provided can drastically change earnings. In fact, nurse practitioners in Georgia working in the neonatal unit were estimated to earn around $81,511 annually, with doctoral levels of education adding as much as $6,500 annually to the average salary.

When considering income, you should also consider your location.  Recent studies have shown that neonatal nurse practitioners working in the larger cities in Georgia earned an average of $76,570 per year, suburban practices accounted for around $74,733 annually, and rural setting facilities were reported at about $71,725 a year.

Some average salaries within Georgia:

  • Savannah:  $83,000
  • Columbus:  $81,000
  • Albany:  $82,000

Salary figures provided by the National Salary Survey of Nurse Practitioners

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