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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Hawaii - HI

In Hawaii, neonatal nurse practitioners are taking a more active role in patient care than ever before. The majority of nurse practitioners specializing in neonatal care do work independently with patients and their families, and this has allowed them to increase their value in the healthcare field and earn higher levels of income.

In general, compensation is determined by several factors; such as geographic location, experience, and education. A practitioner with their own independent practice is considered the most lucrative setting for neonatal nurse practitioners, although it does take time for professionals to develop their own image and create a clientele strong enough to support the opening of an independent practice. Although recent graduates should not expect to earn quite as much as seasoned professionals with their own practice, it is important to remember that a few years of experience can certainly set you own your way to that goal.

According to Advance for Nurse Practitioners 2007 Salary Survey, it was determined that the average national salary for a full-time nurse practitioner was around $81,397. However, the average neonatal nurse salary in Hawaii was around $89,814, which made practitioners in Hawaii some of the highest paid in this particular career field nationally.

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