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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Illinois - IL

As of 2010, the basic neonatal nurse salary in Illinois averaged out at around $93,925. However, it is important to recognize that geographic location has one of the largest impacts on pay rates for professionals in this field, largely in part due to the funding available and the size of the clientele supporting the facility.

In the list below, you will see how location plays a factor in salary figures for neonatal nurse practitioners. Naturally, the city of Chicago had a much higher pay rate for professionals in this field than most other cities throughout the state:

  • Chicago:  $108,489
  • Aurora:  $95,909
  • Rockford:  $97,894
  • Joliet:  $95,006
  • Naperville:  $95,617
  • Springfield:  $96,566

It is also worth mentioning that neonatal nurse practitioners who choose to open up their own practice will earn significantly more than his or her counterparts, mainly because after overhead costs, most of the profit will be left to the individual practitioner. However, it does take some time to build a reputation and attract a client base large enough to support the functioning of an independent facility; but keeping this in mind as a future goal is certainly a lucrative option.

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