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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Kansas - KS

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not distinguish data on the average neonatal nurse salary from that of RNs and other nurse practitioners. They do, however, post average salaries for both registered nurses and health diagnosing and treating practitioners. The average salary of a registered nurse in Kansas, according to the BLS, is $55,730. Health diagnosing and treating practitioners, according to the BLS, make approximately $57,010 per year in Kansas.

Traditionally, nurse practitioner salaries tend to be higher than these figures, specifically because of the increased amounts of education, training and experience necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. Neonatal nurse practitioner salaries can be even higher than those of other nurse practitioners, due to the increased responsibilities involved in working with neonates.
According to, the average annual pay for a neonatal nurse practitioner in Kansas is $86,000. This figure sounds more reasonable in terms of expected salaries for this unique specialty. Salaries may, of course, vary depending upon the part of Kansas in which one works.

Again, per, here are some average neonatal nurse practitioner salaries for various cities across Kansas:

  • Overland Park:  $78,000
  • Wichita:  $94,000
  • Kansas City:  $78,000
  • Dodge City:  $65,000
  • Garden City:  $64,000
  • Olathe: $78,000
  • Lawrence:  $73,000
  • Topeka:  $77,000
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