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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Kentucky - KY

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the U.S. Department of Labor, the average registered nurse in Kentucky makes about $58,110 annually. The average health diagnosing and treating practitioners makes an average annual salary of $59,610. Because the BLS does not keep statistics on neonatal nurse practitioner salaries, it is difficult to pinpoint the average neonatal nurse salary in Kentucky. Pay rates are expected to be much higher for NNPs, however, than the stated salaries for RNs and health diagnosing and treating practitioners.

Another website that lists salary statistics,, quotes the average neonatal nurse practitioner salary in Kentucky to be $102,000. This salary sounds more plausible than the BLS figures when one takes into account the graduate level education and extra years of hands-on training required of neonatal nurse practitioners.  When looking at available positions for neonatal nurse practitioners in Kentucky, this figure also seems to coincide more closely with what employers are currently offering.

Earnings for neonatal nurse practitioners are different depending upon where in Kentucky you work. For example, the following are average neonatal nurse practitioner salaries, from, for various areas of Kentucky:

  • Lexington:  $88,000
  • Louisville:  $75,000
  • Owensboro:  $83,000
  • Bowling Green:  $98,000
  • Covington:  $83,000
  • Frankfort:  $86,000
  • Henderson:  $82,000
  • Paducah:  $88,000
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