Neonatal Nurse Salary in Louisiana - LA

The average neonatal nurse salary in Louisiana has been estimated by indeed.com to be $74,000. This figure is significantly higher than the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ average estimate for registered nurse salaries in the state, which is $60,290. As the BLS currently does not track records of neonatal nurse practitioner salaries in any state independent of RNs, the figure provided by indeed.com seems to be the most reliable benchmark by which to measure the pay of these professionals. It is also in keeping with what potential employers of NNPs are offering in help wanted advertisements on the website.

Salaries for NNPs differ depending upon which area of Louisiana in which they practice. For example, according to indeed.com, the average neonatal nurse practitioner salary in New Orleans is $77,000. In Shreveport, the average neonatal nurse practitioner makes $66,000. Neonatal nurse practitioners practicing in Baton Rouge make approximately $74,000 annually. In Bossier City, neonatal nurse practitioners make $65,000 per year. In Kenner, NNPs can expect an average annual salary of $78,000. NNPs who work in Lafayette make about $60,000 per year. Metairie NNPs make about $77,000 each year. Lake Charles neonatal nurse practitioners can expect an average yearly salary of $75,000; while those working in Monroe can earn about $68,000 per year. Neonatal nurse practitioners working in Slidell earn about $77,000 annually.

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