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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Maryland - MD

The average neonatal nurse salary in Maryland, according to, is $102,000. This figure differs from the usual registered nurse salary in Maryland, determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be $76,330. The fact that neonatal nurse practitioner salaries are almost $30,000 higher than registered nurse salaries in Maryland does not come as a surprise when one considers the extra years of graduate training and clinical experience required of NNPs. Pay rates are higher for NNPs because their job descriptions carry more responsibilities than RNs.

Salaries may differ across Maryland for NNPs depending upon where they practice. showed the following salary listings for cities in Maryland:

  • Baltimore:  $100,000
  • Elkton: $91,000
  • Cumberland:  $72,000
  • Silver Spring:  $112,000
  • Easton: $86,000
  • Ellicott City:  $107,000
  • Columbia:  $111,000

In addition to a generous salary, neonatal nurse practitioners in Maryland usually enjoy a liberal benefits package, according to the Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland. A 2009 survey by the NPAM found that more than half of the nurse practitioners working in the state receive courtesy of their employers health insurance, paid vacation, paid sick leave, professional liability insurance, a 401k/403b plan, paid continuing education and/or conferences, paid leave to attend conferences or for continuing education, life insurance, and paid professional organization fees.

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