Neonatal Nurse Salary in Minnesota - MN

Neonatal Nurse Salary in Minnesota - MN

The neonatal nurse practitioner salary in Minnesota has been aggregated by various sources including the U.S. Department of Labor and  Both sources include wage data based on the pay that those who possess jobs in the field earn annually; however, also takes the salaries of jobs currently posted as open into consideration to provide salary information that is up-to-date and as much in real time as possible.

According to the Labor department, neonatal nurse practitioners in Minnesota earn an average of $89,000 a year; this estimate is based on 2009 salary data.  When exploring wages by Minnesotan city, reports income as approximately:

  • Minneapolis: $84,000
  • Saint Paul: $84,000
  • Rochester: $92,000

Neonatal nurse practitioners play a highly integral role in babies’ lives and in the lives of their families as they work to heal these tiny patients.  Given that the federal projections estimate the number of health care jobs will grow by more than one half million positions before the start of the third decade of the millennium, neonatal nurse practitioners should find a promising job market.

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