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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in New Jersey - NJ

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not track salaries for nurse practitioners separately from registered nurses or physician assistants, but according to, which tracks job and salary information and trends for a broad spectrum of fields, the average national salary for a neonatal nurse practitioner is approximately $88,000 per year.  The Garden State has a slightly higher average salary overall than the national, with neonatal nurse practitioners salaries in New Jersey averaging $90,000.

In Woodbridge, salaries are significantly higher than both the national and state averages, with an average expected neonatal nurse practitioner salary of around $110,000.  In that city, salaries range from $107,000 to $166,000, depending on experience.  Salaries are similar in Edison, with the same average and range as Woodbridge.  Elizabeth and Jersey City have similar salaries to Woodbridge and Edison, with an average of about $109,000 per year for neonatal nurse practitioners located there.  Paterson is also on par with Woodbridge and Edison, with most salaries hovering around $120,000, depending on experience.  In Newark, a neonatal nurse practitioner can expect to make around $109,000, similar to both Elizabeth and Jersey City, and still significantly above the national average (23% higher, to be exact).  Regardless of which New Jersey city you choose to practice in, salaries for neonatal nurse practitioners are higher than the national average.

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