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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York - NY

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have information that differentiates nurse practitioners from RNs, but other sources do aggregate salary data for neonatal nurse practitioners specifically. For example, tracks job and salary information for a broad spectrum of medical fields, including the various sub-specialties under the nurse practitioner designation. pegs the national average salary for the neonatology sub-field of nurse practitioners at $88,000. The average salary for neonatal nurse practitioners in New York is far higher than that, at $104,000.

Salaries in Syracuse average below both the state and national mean, with a range of $74,000 to $115,000 expected in that city.  On the other hand, Yonkers beats both the state and national salary average, at $110,000, with more experienced neonatal nurse practitioners able to make up to $168,000 there.  Rochester dips far below both these cities, with an average salary of $68,000, and a range of $67,000 to $104,000.  Buffalo still falls below the state average, but improves over Rochester, with a range of $70,000 to $108,000, and an average of $71,000 per year.  New York City matches Yonkers in salary range, although some boroughs have a slightly higher average salary ($111,000, Queens) or lower ($77,000, Long Island).  Still, New York’s cities are highly competitive salary-wise, with a 17% higher average salary statewide over the national average, making the Empire State an excellent place for neonatal nurse practitioners to practice.

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