Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Ohio - OH

If you visit the site of Akron’s Children’s Hospital, you find comments by parents and grandparents, thanking the staff that their little ones are in the hands of such capable providers. Compensation and personal rewards for neonatal nurses goes far beyond the monetary.

Nurse practitioners are among the most highly educated nurses, and their salaries generally reflect this. The AANP lists an average of $41.92 based on 1,376 responses from NPs in the Great Lakes region. A neonatal nurse salary in Ohio is lower for those at the entry level and goes up with experience and expertise. Ultimately an NNP may earn more than his or her counterparts in other specialty areas. The same AANP survey cited the neonatal specialty as having the best salary of any NP specialty nationwide.

Nurses may begin as RNs in the neonatal nursery before completing the advanced training necessary to become nurse practitioners. Compensation is lower, of course, but still solid. A 2011 job posting for an associate’s level neonatal nurse in the community of Mayfield Heights listed pay at the rate of $24.00 to $28.00. In state location is one determinant of salary for a registered nurse. According to the BLS, Ohio’s registered nurses have the highest average pay in the cities of Akron, Cleveland, Columbus and Mansfield.

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