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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Oklahoma - OK

A neonatal nurse salary in Oklahoma affords a comfortable lifestyle. Actual wages depend on job setting, experience, and level of training. A person needs a master’s to become a neonatal nurse practitioner, but he or she can sometimes begin working in the neonatal ICU unit in a lesser capacity as an RN. Indeed, this can be helpful for making the transition into neonatal nurse practitioner duties.

One might, for example, consider a 2011 posting for an RN who was to assist with, among other things, assessing and caring for infants who were in transit to the neonatal ICU at Norman’s University Hospital facility. Preference was given to candidates enrolled in nurse practitioner programs. Even registered nurses make solid wages. The Bureau of Labor reports Lawton at $28.03, Oklahoma at $26.53, and Tulsa at $24.39.

Salary goes up, of course, when one works in the capacity of neonatal nurse practitioner. An AANP survey lists $47.35 for NPs in the Southwestern states. Is this representative of what an NNP in Oklahoma will earn? While nursing salaries average less in Oklahoma than in, say, Arizona, neonatal nursing is, according to AANP figures, the specialty with the highest monetary compensation. Actual earnings are below the mean at the entry level and increase significantly with years on the job.

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