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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Oregon - OR

A neonatal nurse salary in Oregon varies, depending on educational level, work setting, and job responsibilities. A nurse can work in postpartum care or even the neonatal intensive care unit as an RN, but will need advanced training at the master’s level to take on the expanded duties of a neonatal nurse practitioner. A bachelor’s level position in the neonatal care unit at Salem Hospital was listed at $30.10 to $44.58 in early 2011. A nurse practitioner, who has an expanded set of job duties, can expect to earn considerably more than an RN when working in a similar setting and specialty.

Neonatal is the highest paid nurse practitioner specialty, according to a 2009-2010 salary survey by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners that represented 18.5% of the nurse practitioners in the United States. The survey reported, also, that the highest NP salaries were in the far western states. Based on responses from 1,474 people in these states, a base wage of $50.81 was reported. Based on another 784 responses, an alternate base salary of $99,980 was listed as well. While actual salaries vary considerably based on number of years in the profession, among other factors, compensation is good for nurse practitioners in cities like Salem, Portland, Eugene, and Gresham.

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