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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Pennsylvania - PA

Pennsylvania neonatal nurse practitioner salaries differ, depending on a few factors. One element of determining the neonatal nurse salary in Pennsylvania is location. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, places like the Philadelphia metropolitan division and the York-Hanover area report a higher annual median wage for registered nurses than smaller areas like Johnstown and the far western Pennsylvania nonmetropolitan area.

As far as specific salary figures, it is beneficial to have a number to use as a comparison tool. According to, Pennsylvania’s annual median wage is $49,829.

The BLS reports that the median annual income for registered nurses in the state of Pennsylvania is $44,160-78,060, depending upon the location within the state. Notice that the BLS only reports the income for registered nurses as a whole and doesn’t break down the calculation for nurse practitioners. With that fact in mind, notice that registered nurses whose wages fell in the 75th percentile earned between $49,370 and $90,220. Likewise, those in the 90th percentile earned $56,040-102,250.

When researching salaries, it helps to keep in mind that cost of living differs depending upon the area. It is also helpful to consider how much time you wish to spend commuting, especially considering that higher-level medical careers tend to require more on-call responsibilities.

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