Neonatal Nurse Salary in Texas - TX

Neonatal Nurse Salary in Texas - TX

The average neonatal nurse practitioner salary in Texas is not published by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as they currently only list salaries for registered nurses and do not separate nurse practitioners from this group. However, the website does list separate neonatal nurse practitioner salaries in Texas. According to this website, the median annual pay for neonatal nurse practitioners in Texas is $94,000. This figure is commensurate with the years of graduate education and clinical experience that neonatal nurse practitioners have over registered nurses, who make $60,070 on average yearly in Texas per the BLS.

Texas is a very large state, and the area of the state in which you work determines your salary. Cities in Texas vary in their salaries for neonatal nurse practitioners. The salary figures below, also from, prove this point:

  • Austin: $87,000
  • Dallas:  $93,000
  • Houston:  $95,000
  • Corpus Christi:  $95,000
  • Arlington:  $94,000
  • El Paso:  $78,000
  • Amarillo:  $85,000
  • Laredo:  $91,000
  • Lubbock:  $74,000
  • Plano:  $94,000

Other factors that help determine the salary of a neonatal nurse practitioner include the type of degree one possesses (i.e., master’s vs. doctorate), the years of experience one has in the field, and the institution where one works (i.e., general hospital vs. specialized children’s hospital).

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