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Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Salary in Wisconsin - WI

The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t provide information that distinguishes neonatal nurse practitioners from RNs.  Their published figures showing an average salary of $65,220 per year, with the top 25% earning as much as $94,850 per year, is skewed downward by this fact. In Wisconsin, salaries for NNPs range from the low average for the profession to the very high $130,000 per year, according to Another source reports that neonatal nurse practitioners earn a median salary of $82,975 annually (PayScale).

With only 3,311 NPs, and more than 1/3 of the state of Wisconsin lacking easy access to medical health services, the demand for registered and advanced degree nurses in the state is expected to grow in the coming years.  

Wisconsin residents interested in the medical field in general, and neonatal nursing in particular, may choose from the in-state universities and nursing colleges or online schools.  Careers available to neonatal nurse practitioners range from working as NNPs in hospitals, neonatal clinics, and neonatal intensive care units, to careers in teaching, counseling or research.  In Wisconsin, graduating with an MSN, followed by certification and licensing as an NNP can lead to employment in facilities such as Aurora Saint Luke's Medical Center, Saint Joseph's Hospital, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Saint Mary's Hospital.

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