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Gerontology Degrees in Nevada - NV

A gerontology degree program in Nevada prepares today's students to understand the complex processes of aging and can be an important part of the education of those choosing to pursue careers in many professions, including health care, social work, nursing, public administration, education, nutrition, psychology, speech pathology, audiology, law, and political science.

A number of colleges and universities in Nevada have educational programs that lead to a degree in gerontology. Some offer web-based, online gerontology certificate programs which provide an interactive learning experience that is flexible and allows students to complete a gerontology course of education from their own home, on their own schedule.

What are some of the courses taken as part of a gerontology degree program in Nevada? Typically, students take an introduction to gerontology that covers healthcare, diversity and aging and perspectives on aging. Other courses focus on social aspects of aging; family gerontology; psychology of aging; aging and health; biology of aging; pharmacology; human values and professional ethics; death and dying; family and lifespan perspectives; healthy aging, leisure and aging;  social services in death; dying and bereavement; and legal and ethical issues.

A gerontology field experience, or practicum, whereby a student integrates academic learning and theoretical knowledge of gerontology through applying their skills in a facility or setting serving older adults under professional supervision is also an important requirement in the curriculum.

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