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Healthcare Administration Program In Nevada - NV

There are several accredited programs through which you can pursue a healthcare management degree in Nevada. To start with, you might pursue a four-year bachelor of science degree in healthcare administration or public health. Some Nevada schools also have graduate degrees specific to healthcare administration. In a typical Nevada program, courses will likely include the following:

  • Principles of workplace health
  • Research methods and design
  • Strategic planning and marketing in the healthcare industry
  • Biomedical ethics
  • Increasing healthcare quality
  • Current events in healthcare
  • Health services administration
  • Organization and management for ambulatory care
  • Infectious disease management
  • Health maintenance organizations

In the largest city in the state, Las Vegas, job competition is intense, with an average of approximately six applicants per job posting. This makes education especially important, as it guarantees a certain amount of clout when prospective employers compare you with the rest of the members of the pool. Nothing can substitute for a strong education in your field from an accredited program or institution. That one line on your resume tells employers you have worked hard and know what you are doing. Also, after you have secured a job, studies show that qualified, educated employees are promoted and given pay-raises more often than their counterparts.

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