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Lactation Consultant Schools in Nevada - NV

Lactation consultant training in Nevada weighs heavily on practice. As a new student, you are expected to have hundreds of hours working directly with the healthcare community and have plenty of actual first-hand experience with lactating mothers. One source of qualified training may come from volunteer work at organizations like the La Leche League. Another possibility is local hospitals. In Nevada there are excellent hospitals such as Spring Valley Hospital, Sunrise Hospital, Desert Springs Hospital, and Northern Nevada Medical Center to name just a few. Your education would be incomplete, however, without some formal training from the academic world. This is where school comes in.

Education for all students who do not already possess a healthcare license or have volunteered 500-1000 eligible hours of work is greater than for those who have. The educational portion consists of a program created in two parts. There is a lactation-specific six-class program with an additional eight classes focused in the sciences. For your college classes you may choose from any school, including online, which offers qualified courses approved by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). The amount of practice time and college hours will vary based on which of the 3 pathways to certification you select from the IBLCE website.

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