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Salary for Medical Assistant in Nevada - NV

In May 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study to determine the average annual and hourly salary of medical assistants in Nevada. This study discovered an average hourly pay rate of $15.73, making the average annual medical assistant’s salary in Nevada $32,730. However, professionals with several years of experience could be making as much as $42,820, the amount paid to the highest-earning 10% of medical assistants in Montana.

In a recent Trust for America’s Health survey, Nevada was ranked as the 32nd state for higher-than-normal percentages of obesity. With a general population of 2,601,000, about 19% of adults in Nevada are currently obese. Because obesity is the gateway to medical conditions like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes, there is the potential for more medical assisting employment opportunities as these types of health concerns begin to place a heavier burden on the healthcare system in Nevada.

Likewise, employment opportunities for medical assistants are slated to increase by 34% through 2018.  With just 4,530 medical assistants currently working in Nevada, this growth trend could potential create another 1,540 medical assisting careers.

Average salaries within Nevada:

  • Las Vegas:  $32,580
  • Henderson:  $28,000
  • North Las Vegas:  $27,000
  • Reno:  $34,540
  • Sunrise Manor:  $28,000
  • Paradise:  $27,000
  • Spring Valley:  $27,000
  • Enterprise:  $27,000

Salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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