Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Nevada

Medical Billing & Coding Salary in Nevada - NV

While there are currently no state or federal guidelines in place to become a medical billing and coding specialist in Nevada, most legitimate employers require potential employees to become certified. Those who don’t require specific certification generally expect billers and coders to have experience that is equivalent to or greater than the training received by certified specialists. In today’s market, those new to the field are unlikely to obtain a position without proper training and certification. Certification also enhances the marketability and credibility of potential employees.

Certified medical billers and coders are almost certainly more likely to be paid at a higher rate than their uncertified counterparts. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported in May of 2008 that the median annual Nevada medical billing and coding salary is around $30,000. Those in the top ten percent make more than $50,000 each year, while those in the bottom ten percent make around $20,000.

Additionally, the BLS reports that medical billing and coding specialists who work in certain environments may make more than others. For example, those working in pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing can earn a median wage of $56,320 annually and those working with businesses like professional billing organizations enjoy a median wage of $49,500. reports that the median salary for medical billing and coding specialists is $34,000.

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