Midwife Salary in Nevada - NV

Midwife Salary in Nevada - NV

Nevada Midwife Salaries

Now that you have made the decision to pursue a career as a midwife, you might be interested to learn what the normal midwife salary in Nevada is like. In general, midwives in Nevada usually make about $92,000 each year. Although this average does include salary figures from new graduates, it is important to keep in mind that your income will increase year by year with the experience that you gain.

In Nevada, most new midwives are placed on salary until they build a larger enough patient base to provide them with a substantial income. However, some medical facilities use the pay-per-visit method to determine a midwife’s salary. This is truly dependent upon the type of healthcare facility that you work for, but, again, your income will grow with time and experience.

In order to develop a regular patient basis, you need to make yourself available and create a professional image worthy of service. You can do this by affiliating yourself with the various non-profit organizations dedicated to women’s healthcare and midwifery. Some of these groups include the Nevada Midwives Association and the Nevadans for Midwifery.

Here you will find the midwifery salaries in Nevada by geographic location:

  • Las Vegas: $84,000
  • Reno: $83,000
  • Henderson: $85,000

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