RN Salary in Nevada - NV

Nevada Registered Nurses Salaries

The average salary for Registered Nurses nationwide is $65,130 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008). Nevada‚Äôs average annual wage for RNs is higher than the national figures at $70,700.  In 2008, there were around 16,000 nurses in Nevada (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008). California has a high demand for nurses and there were 240,470 registered nurses, with an average salary of $70,700 in 2008. Utah, which is east of Nevada, has slightly more registered nurses, but a lower average salary of $58,050 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008).

Currently, Indeed.com estimates salaries for Registered Nurses in Nevada at $69,000. Here are RN salaries for major cities in Nevada:

Las Vegas, Nevada RN Salary- $66,000
Henderson, Nevada RN Salary - $61,000
North Las Vegas, Nevada RN Salary -$64,000
Reno, Nevada RN Salary -$63,000
Paradise, Nevada RN Salary -$66,000

Professional Associations in Nevada

Registered nurses in Nevada want to join the Nevada Nurses Association. Joining the Nevada Nurses Association has benefits for student and nurses in the field, such as scholarships and continuing education discounts.  The Nevada Nursing Association advocates to the state legislature for the advancement of the professionals to benefit nurses and serve the public interest.  Contact information for the Nevada Nurses Association is:

Nevada Nurses Association
P.O. Box 34660
Reno, NV 89533
Phone: 775-747-2333

School nurses in Nevada have their own professional association, the Nevada State Association of School Nurses. School nurses in Nevada are Board licensed and must have a Bachelors degree to be endorsed as a school nurse.  Members receive information pertinent to school nursing practice and discounts on continuing education events and materials.  The Association of School Nurses in Nevada is an affiliate of the National Association of School Nurses.  For state regional contact information and information related to regulations for school nurses, go to: www.nevadaschoolnurses.com.

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