Ultrasound Tech Salary in Nevada - NV

Qualified sonographers, as ultrasound technologists are commonly known, will surely find opportunities for work in Nevada thanks to the economic growth in urban areas surrounding Las Vegas and Reno. Schools in Nevada are unique in their recent approach to partnering educational and training institutions with companies that need qualified professionals in their field-specific workforce.  Sonographers in Nevada have great potential for their training and education to lead very quickly to the job of their choice.

Salaries for ultrasound technologists in Nevada can range from $37,000 - $75,000 per year (http://www.indeed.com). This varies according to a sonographer’s level of experience, specialization, and responsibility. On a daily basis, sonographers are responsible for producing and evaluating ultrasound images of patients’ organs.  Entry-level sonographers work directly with patients, while more experienced sonographers participate more in the analysis and diagnosis of images.

Through either campus based or online programs, aspiring sonographers in Henderson, Las Vegas and Reno can prepare for jobs with the best hospitals in the state including the Sunrise Hospital, Spring Valley Hospital, Desert Springs Hospital and Northern Nevada Medical Center.

Ultrasound Technologist Schools