New Hampshire Healthcare Administration Salaries - NH

Right now, the average pay for a healthcare administrator in New Hampshire is $54,000. Just like in the rest of the country, demand for healthcare workers is on the rise, and that means that trends are good all the way around.

New Hampshire has a large aging population, with 26% of its residents aged 65 and older. The rising generation, ages 19-64, account for more than twice that, at 64% of the population. Part of this influx is due to the fact that Baby Boomers are beginning to retire and demand additional medical care. This is good news for the healthcare industry in general and for the administrators who manage it because it means that not only is there a huge demand for healthcare workers in New Hampshire, but also that this demand is sustainable.

As in any state, pay will vary along with factors such as cost of living, size of the medical facility, amount of responsibility, education, and experience. To help you get an idea of the pay in different metropolitan areas throughout the state, here is the average healthcare administration salary in New Hampshire for some of its major cities:

  • Manchester: $49,000
  • Nashua: $57,000
  • Concord: $46,000
  • Rochester: $45,000
  • Dover: $42,000
  • Keene: $46,000
  • Portsmouth: $46,000
  • Laconia: $46,000
  • Claremont: $49,000
  • Lebanon: $49,000

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