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Lactation Consultant Salaries in New Hampshire - NH

In the state of New Hampshire, the health care sector’s long-term job outlook is predicted to add at least 20,000 positions over the next six years according to This increase may prove favorable for new lactation consultants, especially if they couple their certification with other health-oriented careers such as nurse or nutritionist.

Lactation consultant salaries in New Hampshire will vary depending on education, level of experience and demand in the particular city you will serve. It may also fluctuate with the type of organization you serve. As with many other industries, private hospitals, clinics and other facilities will typically pay a higher wage. Social organizations that are government or non-profit funded may offer less salary due to tighter budgets. Here are just a few examples from that show what you might expect going into this field by giving you a glimpse at various cities throughout the state:

Concord - $63,672 to $86,883
Manchester - $63,920 to $87,222
Nashua - $68,125 to $92,958
Portsmouth - $62,196 to $84,869

As you can see, the salaries tend to be somewhat equal across the board. You should expect something below the sixty thousand dollar range as an entry-level certified lactation consultant who does not hold a license or degree in another healthcare field.

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