Medical Office Manager Salary in New Hampshire – NH

The average medical office manager salary in New Hampshire is $66,000 per year. Medical office managers are the structural glue that keeps a healthcare facility running smoothly, and their decisions have the potential to affect overall patient care. With this in mind, there are several aspects that have the potential to affect your annual income as a medical office manager in the state of New Hampshire.

The first consideration is always experience. Physicians’ offices, outpatient clinics, and hospitals are always going to be looking at experience when making a determination on salary. What you want to do here is highlight your educational achievements, the high GPA you obtained, and any other pertinent educational information. You want to show the employer that even though you may lack professional experience, you are worth rolling the dice on.

One good way to help increase your annual salary is to seek certification. Remember certification as a certified medical manager (CMM) is optional, which means not everyone is going to have it. You can help yourself to stand out among other medical office manager candidates in New Hampshire by bringing this credential to the table.

Consider also that precise location can often influence salary. Listed below is detailed information on the average salaries of medical office managers in New Hampshire per city:

  • Manchester: $56,000
  • Nashua: $66,000
  • Concord: $53,000
  • Derry Village: $57,000

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