Medical Technologist School in New Hampshire | NH Medical Technologist Certification

Medical Technologist School in New Hampshire

New Hampshire medical technologist certifications are best earned either online, or at the state’s university medical centers.

Regardless of how you choose to pursue your education, the curriculum tends to break down this way:  About one-third of the credits must be earned in life-science classes like biology and physiology, about one-third must be spent studying general medicine and practicing medical knowledge, and the last part must be earned through internships and work experience.

As with any allied medical profession, work experience is a huge part of your training. Medical technologists, in New Hampshire and elsewhere, frequently spend a significant part of their education in the lab, working under and with licensed technologists and other medical professionals- drawing blood, analyzing samples collected from patients, and running tests on people to make sure they’re healthy.

Upon graduation and after taking a national certifying exam to prove your knowledge, new medical technologists in New Hampshire can expect job competition to be fierce- for the employers. Hospitals, labs, private clinics, independent physician’s offices- because of the wide range of duties a medical technologist performs, all these places need them, and there are not nearly enough technologists to go around.

One might find employment in a research lab in Concord or Manchester, or perhaps at one of the state’s more well-regarded facilities like the Wentworth Douglas Hospital, or the Cheshire Medical Center.

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