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Medical Technologist Salaries in New Hampshire

Medical technologist salaries in New Hampshire are actually a few thousand dollars above the state average, according to, a website that collects employment and salary information.

However, pure salary information can be a bit misleading- because medical technologists, more so then most other medical professions, are paid vastly differing amounts depending on where they’re working, what they’re doing, and what credentials they have.

A New Hampshire cytologist-specialized medical technologist, for example, makes more than double what a phlebotomist does- $27.55 to $12.50, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And different facilities pay differently. A medical technologist at a general hospital, like New Hampshire’s Catholic Medical Center, might pull down an extra four or five thousand dollars a year over one working at a private clinic in Derry Village.

Pay can also vary depending on what area of the state you’re in. Here is a short breakdown of average salaries across the state’s largest cities:

  • Nashua: $55,000
  • Derry Village: $48,000
  • Manchester: $47,000
  • East Concord: $44,000

After you graduate from college and get your license, it would pay to look around a bit and make sure you’re going to the facility and location that’s right, and best for you.

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