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New Hampshire Healthcare Informatics Salary - NH

Registered nurses certified in nursing informatics in the state of New Hampshire can expect to earn an average annual salary of $83,000 (  Those who have more experience in the field than their peers and co-workers and who have sought advanced education, training and certifications can potentially expect to earn a higher annual salary than what has been reported.  By pursuing additional training and advanced certifications in nursing informatics, you are preparing yourself to be more knowledgeable and educated in the field as the technology that serves it becomes more complex. 

When seeking your place of employment, consider where you would prefer to work and how much of your time you would like to devote to nursing informatics.  Large hospitals will typically pay more, but you would most likely only be performing nursing informatics tasks.  Being employed by a smaller hospital may mean accepting a lesser salary, but can also present you with the option of continuing in your role as a registered nurse in patient care and combining it with a part time or per diem salary in nursing informatics. 

Below is a listing of cities in the state of New Hampshire and their reported average annual salaries for the nursing informatics profession.

New Hampshire Nursing Informatics Salary by City

Bedford $76,000
Concord $69,000
Hanover $76,000
Manchester $74,000
Nashua $87,000
Portsouth $83,000

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