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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in New Hampshire - NH

Salaries for Personal Trainers in New Hampshire

According to the 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, there were 1710 fitness trainers and aerobics instructors in New Hampshire. Personal trainers are included in this figure.  The average annual wages for fitness instructors in New Hampshire was $32,660, which is higher than neighbors Maine and Vermont (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008).  Massachusetts, a more populated state, has almost four times as many fitness and aerobics instructors than New Hampshire.  Fitness instructors working in Massachusetts earn a handsome salary of $44,510 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008).

Personal trainers and fitness workers in New Hampshire are not always paid an annual salary. Many are paid part-time or full-time hourly wages or are contracted a rate by clients or fitness centers. Hourly wages for personal trainers in New Hampshire is $15.70, the highest of neighboring states, excluding Massachusetts.

According to the average salary for personal fitness trainers in New Hampshire is currently $45,000. Additionally, here are listings of what personal trainers can expect to earn in cities in New Hampshire from

Manchester, New Hampshire personal trainer salary- $41,000
Nashua, New Hampshire personal trainer salary - $48,000
Concord, New Hampshire personal trainer salary -$38,000
Rochester, New Hampshire personal trainer salary - $36,000
Dover, New Hampshire personal trainer salary - $35,000
Claremont, New Hampshire personal trainer salary -$42,000

Continuing Education for Personal Trainers in New Hampshire

Continuing education is required of personal trainers that hold national certification in the field. Continuing education helps to maintain fitness and safety competency in the field. The National Council on Strength and Fitness requires 10 continuing education credits every two years in order to maintain certification.  Personal trainers with certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America must complete 15 credit hours of approved continuing education hours. The International Sports Sciences Association mandates 10 hours of continuing education for its certificate holders every two years. These are just a few examples, of continuing education requirements; personal trainers practicing in New Hampshire should contact the agency that administers their certificate for specific information.

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