Physical Therapy Pay in New Hampshire - NH

New Hampshire is seen as one of the New England treasures providing a haven for the outdoor enthusiast year round. From the White Mountains for skiing, to the Lakes region for water sports, to the coastal beaches for fishing, activities abound for the adventurous sort. In addition to being the ideal location for the active individual, New Hampshire also takes pride in providing the highest quality medical services. In Fact, New Hampshire was recently rated 6th in the 2009 Commonwealth Fund scorecard, which ranks the states based on a myriad of health care services. Physical therapists play an important part in the medical community that earns this ranking. This unique combination of need, due to abundant physical activities, and high caliber medical services, makes New Hampshire the perfect place to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Salaries for physical therapists in New Hampshire continue to increase year over year. According to Indeed.com the average New Hampshire physical therapist salary ranges from $40,000 to $120,000.  While area of practice and experience are the primary factors in the actual salary realized, data collected as recently as December 2009 show the following ranges in salary for these major metropolitan areas:

Manchester, NH  $62,320 to $83,948
Concord, NH  $62,054 to $83,140
Nashua, NH  $66,040 to $88,482
Portsmouth, NH  $60,418 to $80,949


New Hampshire Physical Therapist Associations and Organizations

Several associations and organizations are available to the physical therapist community including; American Physical Therapy Association, the NH chapter of APTA (NHAPTA), Physical Therapy Political Action Committee and the World Confederation of Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy Schools