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Become a Vet Tech in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is almost at the very northeastern tip of the United States, just beneath Maine. The states motto speaks of the resident’s outlook on life, “Live free of die�?. This motto resonates with the historical battles that took place here during the beginning of our country with the struggles against England.

Living in New Hampshire offers something for just about every taste. Here they have beautiful long shorelines of beaches, high mountainous vistas, and year round seasonal changes that highlight the beauty of each. For the working student in New Hampshire, you will find that this state, without sales tax and state income tax, will increase your affordability of living.

Of all of the places to choose to live, Nashua, Manchester, and Concord, are among some of the best choices for the college student. They offer many cultural benefits and lifestyle opportunities enriching their years of schooling.

Steps for the Student- Veterinary Technician (VT) in New Hampshire

The steps to becoming a Veterinary Technician in New Hampshire start with the completion of the accredited educational program.  After completing one of the online or campus based New Hampshire vet tech programs, you then will proceed through the certification process.

The Committee on Veterinary Technician Certification is the committee assigned by the New Hampshire Veterinary technician Association who will certify you as a VT.

You will furnish to the committee proof of a passing score on the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE) exam. This exam is a mandatory requirement and is administered by the AAVSB. ( The test is offered two times a year. Check the website in order to determine which scheduling will work best for your timeframe.

Supply documentation of your education in the form of official transcripts. These will need to come from your school with the official seal on the envelope.

Fill out the certification application form and submit the fee.

At this time, the state offers s a certification process but shows no requirement for a state license.

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