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Cardiovascular Tech Salary in New Jersey - NJ

Average Cardio Technologist Salaries in New Jersey

A cardiovascular tech salary in New Jersey can allow any individual to live comfortably. Averaging out at a healthy rate of $58,000, this wage is ideal for meeting a cardiovascular tech's living, education, and extracurricular costs.

Cardiovascular tech salaries in New Jersey are 4 percent higher than the national average. Salaries in this state can balloon as high as $69,000, which is the case in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, and Woodbridge. Since these cities are located near the New York metropolitan area, their cost of living and salaries will be significantly higher than a town that rests further away.

Camden is a prime example of a city in New Jersey with a lower pay wage and lower living costs. Cardiovascular techs in Camden earn about $19,000 less than their colleagues in Newark, who have to compensate for living costs that are 4.67 higher than the rest of the country (

Cardiovascular tech salaries can also vary based on the level of demand for cardiovascular technicians in a particular area. If the demand for cardiovascular technicians is higher in Newark than it is in Paterson—or if Newark has more hospitals than Paterson—it is likely that a cardiovascular tech will find higher wages and more professional opportunities in Newark.

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