Dental Assistant Salary in New Jersey

The average dental assistant pay in New Jersey is $36,100 annually, which is an average hourly pay of $17.35. The national hourly average for a dental assistant varies greatly by geographic location but ranges from $9.87 to $20.69. Like a dental hygienist, a dental assistant will be paid above the nation average in the state of New Jersey. Current job listings in New Jersey advertised salaries of up to $61,000! Below are the current average salaries for dental assistants in the four largest cities in New Jersey.

Elizabeth - $46,000
Jersey City - $45,000
Newark - $46,000
Paterson - $46,000


New Jersey Dental Assistant Associations

New Jersey Dental Assistants Association - The New Jersey Dental Assistants Association serves dental assistants in the state by offering educational opportunities for both personal and professional development. The also provide support for dental assistants and contribute to the overall general dental care of the state.

New Jersey Dental Association - The New Jersey Dental Association supports all careers within dentistry in the state of New Jersey. Their primary goal is to educate the public in quality oral healthcare while also providing dental workers with education and resources on the latest advancements in dental care.

Dental Assistant Schools