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New Jersey Gerontologist Salaries - NJ

In New Jersey, gerontology salaries depend on location, clientele, education, and expertise. Health facilities, mental health centers, social service agencies, residential facilities, government agencies, community agencies and advocacy groups all look for qualified gerontologists. In New Jersey, the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Bergen Regional Medical Center, Atlanticare Regional Medical Center, and Hackensack University Medical Center are healthcare facilities that employ gerontologists., a search engine for jobs, tracked salaries for gerontologists across job boards and company career sites states that average gerontologist salaries for job postings in New Jersey are 3% higher than average gerontologist salaries for job postings nationwide. Across the State of New Jersey itself, an annual salary for a gerontologist is $200,000. Across the following cities, average annual salaries listed for gerontologists in job postings are 23% - 24% higher than average gerontologist salaries for job postings nationwide.

The following is a guide for average annual gerontologist salaries in New Jersey: Newark, $238,000; Jersey City, $238,000; Paterson, $240,000; Elizabeth, $238,000; Edison, $240,000; Woodbridge, $239,000.

Career options for gerontology students are expanding rapidly as the population ages and can also include administrative work concerning the elderly in government agencies at the national, state and local level, as well as in hospitals and nursing homes, and in recreational programs for older people.

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