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New Jersey Healthcare Administration Salaries - NJ

The average healthcare administration salary in New Jersey is $61,000, which is actually higher than the national average for this field, at $59,000. Job trends are not only excellent, but are on the rise and are projected to continue that trend.

In New Jersey, 26% of the population is 65 and older. These retirees play a large part in sustaining the medical industry; and right behind them is the next generation, ages 19-64, which accounts for another 61% of the New Jersey population. With such a large group on their way to retirement, the demand for medical care will continue to increase, creating jobs and opportunities in New Jersey for healthcare workers and for healthcare managers who supervise them.

Below is the average pay for a healthcare administrator in New Jersey in the ten largest cities in the state. As these salaries cover quite a wide range, it is important to remember that pay will vary with the cost of living in different metropolitan areas.

  • Newark: $72,000
  • Jersey City: $72,000
  • Paterson: $73,000
  • Elizabeth: $72,000
  • Edison: $73,000
  • Toms River: $47,000
  • Trenton: $55,000
  • Camden: $53,000
  • Brick Township: $61,000
  • Clifton: $72,000

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