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Salary for Medical Assistant in New Jersey – NJ

While New Jersey is one of the more controlled states within the profession, New Jersey medical assistant salary is also one of the highest paying states for medical assistants. The nationwide average pay for certified medical assistants (CMAs) is about $31,000 where the state average in New Jersey is nearer $40,000.

Listed below are the largest cities (population of 100,000 and above) and the approximate medical assistant pay in New Jersey available to fully trained medical assistants.

  • Newark $47,000
  • Jersey City $47,000
  • Paterson $47,000
  • Elizabeth $47,000

Medical assistants are in hot demand across the nation. A quick search on a job search engine resulted in more than 2,800 current positions open for medical assistants in New Jersey. Medical office assistants, certified medical assistants (CMAs) and registered medical assistants (RMAs), all under the larger umbrella of the title medical assistant, are an important part of the total health care delivery team. Trained in a dual role capacity, medical assistants are flexible in working with patients, doctors and nurses as well as in the business office duties of medical practices. Since these professionals have the ability to streamline and unburden the already overworked nurses and doctors, this profession is in high demand all over the United States. In fact, medical assisting is thought to be one of the fastest growing professions and the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics indicates it will continue to surge in growth through 2012. New Jersey is one of the states that governs medical assistants, requiring that these professionals, when searching for employment in their state, first be certified by a formal accredited medical assistant training program.

Continuing Education

As with most health related professions, continuing education is a vital part of the recertification for a medical assistant. In New Jersey, recertification is required once every 5 years and medical assistants will either need to apply and sit for the certification exam or have documentation proving that required continuing education totaling 60 units has been completed.

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