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Medical Office Manager Salary in New Jersey – NJ

In New Jersey, medical office managers are high-earning professionals with an average annual salary of $74,000, largely because of the strong contribution they have to patient care through efficient and structured office operations. There are many factors that have the potential to influence your annual income as a medical office manager in New Jersey, and these are things that are worth being aware of.

Most healthcare facilities in New Jersey will be looking for professional experience. This does not mean they will not hire you without it, but it does mean that your beginning salary may be slightly lower than the statewide average. Keep in mind, however, that there is a growing demand for medical office managers in New Jersey, so you may have the ability to dictate a portion of your salary based on that factor.

While you will be lacking professional experience as you begin your medical office manager career, you can abate this issued by getting certified with the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM). This agency is recognized throughout the industry for testing and rewarding the certified medical manager (CMM) designation to students that have proven their competency. Because this certification is not a requirement, having it will put you one step ahead of your competition.

The list below has some information on the average medical office manager salaries in New Jersey listed by city:

  • Newark: $74,000
  • Jersey City: $74,000
  • Paterson: $75,000
  • Elizabeth: $75,000
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